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Most cannabis businesses never make it to recreational legalization.

A successful cannabis business is built to last. You not only have to outpace your competition, but you have to race to prepare for recreational legalization. If you’re not successful, you may end like most cannabis companies and shut down before the laws change. Or worse, you may spend a ton of money on meeting the new compliance laws, and fall short on other fronts.

We’re here to cement your future. Our approach helps grow medical companies, prepares them for recreational legalization, and helps them flourish afterward. Through sales and marketing innovations, we make sure your brand is recognizable and standing out above your competition.

Our System

Get Their Attention

Cannabis is a competitive industry.
Make a bold statement and standout amongst the sea of competitors. It only takes one interaction to make a lasting impression.

Inform Their Decision

The modern consumer researches every purchase decision they make. Directly influence their decision with content and information.

Earn The Sale

Create exciting call-to-actions and connect the dots between your consumer's problem and your product to get the sale.

Keep Them Happy

Repeat customers are 5 times cheaper than new customers. Delight your consumer with a brand story that makes them fall in love with your products.

Our Team

We created our team with experts from the cannabis space to cover the full spectrum of branding and marketing services. We bring the insights of the market, you sit back and watch the results!

From start-up to international operator, we’ve helped companies of all sizes thrive in the market.  We’ve worked across 8 states and 2 countries.
You’re in good hands.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

Create a funnel from awareness to advocacy.
We utilize all means possible to reach your customers from SMS to SEO to generate returns for your business.

Social Media

Social Media unlocks a target market you may be missing out on. One of the most effective ways to connect is through well-branded social media profiles.


The name of the game is brand equity. From packaging to brand story, branding is one of the few ways to connect with consumer beyond your product.

Web Design

Your website is your businesses digital hub. A modern website creates trust between your business and its consumer and most importantly generates sales.

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