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Branding & Launching a Distribution company


Project Overview

Union Six is an Oklahoma-based distribution company. Formerly known as “Green Wholesale Distributors,” Union Six came to us with a vision for the future of distribution. They were tired of the lack of access cannabis companies had to connect with each other. The only solutions in the market were either too expensive or favored established multistate operators. They wanted to figure out how to level the playing field with an online marketplace and a distribution fleet that serviced the entire state. We helped them build a brand, strategize their approach, and set things in motion.

crafting a brand
that connects


After a series of discovery and strategy meetings, we decided to start from the beginning of our process – branding. Fortunately, Oklahoma lacked well-branded distribution companies. The heavy hitters in the industry had a stronghold on the market. Still, they lacked a solid digital presence and a memorable brand.

Union Six came to us under the name “Green Wholesale Distributors.” We gave them a new name, a new personality, and a new look.

New brand Identity

creating a hub for all cannabis businesses


Next, we needed a website. Union Six is unique in its vision. They wanted to build an online sales platform and back it up with a distribution team that will travel to all six corners of the state.

Apex Trading, a cannabis ERP system, provides the shop functionality. We upload the products into Apex and they show up on our website. When someone places an order, the invoice shows up in our system, and Apex creates purchase orders, product pick-up, and delivery.

Since the brand is subtle we used imagery and copy to be direct about what we do. Successful cannabis branding doesn’t scream cannabis, it speaks it using its inside voice. 

You can view the website here.

Building a digital marketing
system that converts

Sales & Marketing

Union Six has two categories of clients, dispensaries that make purchases on their website and producers that list their products for sale. The best way to get clients on both sides of the spectrum was through quality content and direct outreach.

So we created a multi-channel digital sales approach and combined it with a team of dedicated sales representatives who would go dispensary-to-dispensary. We collaboratively created a strategy that identified ideal clients, compiled a list of them, and methodically reached out to them at scale.

executing a
successful launch


It’s still early in our journey, but we’ve managed to onboard Easy Street Extracts, Oklahoma Medicine, and a brand new brand – Mobius. We’re getting a steady flow of leads from cannabis companies interested in joining our network and dispensaries ready to use our service. 

We built a brand that Okies can be proud of, and the response has been resoundingly positive. People love the Union Six message, and they’re thrilled with the service we provide.

We’re in the early stages, but we’re scaling our outreach and our results as we get proof of concept.

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