321% Revenue Boost in 6 Months

Creating 7 Figures in Additional Revenue for a House of Brands.

Prime Vapes

Prime is a product line developed by Golden Trends that needed a clear direction or place in the market. It was initially sold as “The same oil, with different hardware, less packaging, and cheaper.”

Because of that, it cannibalized Golden Trends’ premium product that sold at 3x the price. Together, we worked with Golden Trends to develop a strategy to reset the public’s perception of Prime and relaunch it without damaging revenue or the perception of their premium products.








Increase in Sales
June ‘22 – June ‘23

Top 10

in conversions on
Weedmaps (Vapes)


Total Sales Growth
With Full Product Suite

Client Challenges

Remove & Relaunch Strategy

Resetting The Public’s Perception of Prime

When we approached Prime, we were at a crossroads. The sales team loved Prime because it was easy to sell and helped them make their commissions. The leadership team was worried that their relaunch of Golden Trends’ premium line wouldn’t work if they had their low-price product eating their sales.

We decided to remove Prime from the public view. We stopped marketing it, and we stopped offering it to the majority of dispensaries. We did, however, include Prime in bundles with large dispensaries. For six months, Prime was only available to buy in large quantities as a “members only” style product.

Six months was plenty of time to reset the public’s perception. Prime was still new and hadn’t picked up a lot of market share yet.

This set the stage for a clean launch of Golden Trends’ premium vape line in May and created an opportunity to relaunch Prime in time for the holidays.

Positioning & Product Communication

Communicating Prime as a Unique Standalone to Golden Trends.

After the six-month cooling period, we wanted to avoid relaunching Prime and creating the same problems our client previously had. Communicating Golden Trends as a premium, experience-focused product line opened up room for Prime to be simple and accessible.

We decided Prime’s unique edge was its unique flavors that the extraction team could produce. It would also be more “raw” and less filtered than other CO2 vapes. Golden Trends’ premium oil was triple filtered meanwhile the Prime oil was filtered once. We decided to highlight that in the packaging since budget consumers can worry about the quality and safety of their carts.

We set the stage for Prime to storm the market by packing potency, quality, and flavor into a low priced product that very few others could compete with.

We transformed Prime from a “Cheap product with good oil” to a unique product with its own features that had a higher perceived value in relation to its price.

Packaging Design

Modernizing packaging without losing core brand elements.

Before redesigning the packaging, we studied Prime’s biggest competitors in the market. We found that most brands in Prime’s price range were packaged in a standard tube or a mylar while being extremely minimal or maximalist with their packaging design.

With Prime, we wanted to elevate the product’s perceived value while concisely communicating product communication in the design. The consumer at this price range isn’t interested in the nuances of cannabis; they want to know what the product is, what it does, and if it’s reliable/clean.

We decided to go with the following design features:

Craft Box: to communicate the all-natural ingredients found in the oil. Using craft gives the brand a more organic feel.

Vibrant Labels: Allows the flavors to pop and appeal to consumers meanwhile giving our client the flexibility to change flavors cost-effectively and keep turnaround times quick.

Digital Sales

Using Prime To Sell Products to The Best Dispensaries in The State

The last thing we needed to do was get Prime into dispensaries. At the price point Prime was selling at, we knew it would be easy to get new shops to buy.

We decided to capitalize and find creative ways to sell Golden Trends’ premium products as well. We created bundles that combined the low price of Prime to drive down the cost of the full suite of products.

We contacted hundreds of dispensaries over a few months after Prime’s launch. Our campaign helped Golden Trends get their products into highly rated dispensaries they couldn’t get into for over a year.

The combination of strategy, branding, marketing, and outreach secured fruitful partnerships with massive dispensaries like the Mango and Kush House chains.


Increase in Sales
January ‘23 – June ‘23

Top 10

in conversions on Weedmaps (Vapes)


Total Sales Growth With Full Product Suite

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