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Utopic Vibes is a special pre-roll company from Tulsa, Oklahoma. They’re the world’s first pre-roll that pairs the terpenes in flower to a crystal to create an effect-based experience. They have 5 different “vibes” – chill, passion, heal, uplift, and create. Kim and her team carefully curated flower from different cultivators, and use their terpene tests to match them with a crystal.

Together, we successfully created one of Oklahoma’s first effect-based brands. The product itself is niche in its nature and appeals to the spiritual community. Crystal pre-roll packs would be a hit in the northwest, but Kim, like many others in the Oklahoma market, wanted to get proof of concept for her product before going nationwide with it.

Here’s how we built The World’s First Cyrstal Pre-Roll Brand.

Client Concepts

When Kim came to us she had a logo from 99 designs and a rough concept of what she wanted. Utopic Vibes needed help on how to bring their vision to life. 

Brand DNA

All good brands start with a Brand DNA. The Brand DNA is the personality of the brand that helps relate the product to the target audience. We did an exercise where we thought of Utopic Vibe’s (UV) ideal customer, and crafted a Brand DNA to fit their interests. UV’s is a mixture of The Sage and The Caregiver. You can learn more about Brand Archetypes here.

Brand Identity

After clearly defining our audience and our Brand DNA, next, we needed a creative direction. If you look on Crystalgram, the majority of the images are bright and flowery. Engaging, but not fit for an Oklahoma, male-dominated market. We created 3 different mood boards to pick from to give the brand direction.

Stylescape 1:

Stylescape 2:

Stylescape 3:

Stylescape 2:

Stylescape 3:


The Utopic team chose to go with a dark mode direction for their packaging (Stylescape 3) for their packaging this gave us a direction for the design. The Utopic team wanted a premium look, without going overboard on the design. 

With every packaging project, we create a theme that we try to bring to life. For this project, our theme was “Accessible Luxury.” 

During our design process, we drew inspiration from the Ciroc brand. We identified Ciroc to be one of the brands in the spirits industry that embodied “Accessible Luxury.” Ciroc is a premium alcohol brand with a luxury finish that doesn’t break the bank. Sure, Ciroc is more expensive than most of its competitors, but not by a huge margin. Plus you get the brand name, the look, the social status, and the celebrity appeal of Diddy. The Utopic product would be positioned similarly in the pre-roll category. 

Combining crystals and cannabis is a new concept for a majority of cannabis smokers, so we created packaging that concisely explains what the Utopic Vibes products are about.

To highlight each effect, we assigned a color and a tagline to each SKU while still keeping the same design elements through SKU for cohesion. 

In order to communicate that the product is premium, we studied luxury European brands. Those brands are what inspired us to use a capitalized sans serif font with wide tracking.

Overall, the Utopic Vibes packaging design accomplished everything that packaging should. It concisely explains the product thoroughly, it stands out on dispensary shelves, it’s unique compared to the competitor’s packaging and most importantly, it was designed specifically for the product’s target market. 

Launch Strategy

After sending the labels to print at Regency Labels, we got working on the launch strategy.

The main goal of the launch was a proof of concept. Did the public actually want this product?

For their proof of concept run, the Utopic team has a limited run of 5 SKUs. With a limited amount of stock, we had to be very strategic with our dispensary retail partners to ensure we had a successful launch.  

We helped the UV team identify areas and shops they should target. We targeted rapidly developing neighborhoods in trendy areas, towns with young working professionals, and wealthy suburbs with younger parents. We also looked at a few Oklahoma towns with smaller populations that were fit our market and were accessible. 


As a new brand, UV needed a website to showcase their products. 

We created a one-pager that highlighted:

  • The relationship between cannabis and crystals
  • Each SKU
  • The Utopic Vibes Brand
  • Where to Buy The Pre-Rolls
  • Collect Info From Interested Dispensaries

You can view the UV website here.

Social Media Launch

Finally, we created social media content for Utopic Vibe’s launch.  Our approach for the content was similar to a launch campaign we created for Nuvata.

We highlighted the three most important things about the Utopic Vibes product.

  1. The Effect 
  2. The Product (pre-roll) 
  3.  The Crystal

 This rollout starts to prime the consumer starts to help them associate the color with effect and the cannabis with the paired crystal. 

Utopic Vibes has used social media to garner interest from dispensaries and consumers alike. They actively use their platform to promote their products and drive traffic back to their website.


Utopic Vibes took off like a rocket aimed at the moon. They quickly sold out of their starter packs, and dispensary demand surpassed their supply.  They reached the “Good Problem” stage of a start-up. They had trouble keeping up with their purchase orders and figuring out how to produce for the high demand we created together.

Three months following their launch Utopic Vibes partnered with Argent Cannabis for exclusive distribution to over 600 of Oklahoma’s best shops. 

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