Custom Plans Built For Long-Term Success.


The right strategy can be the difference between dominating your market and struggling to generate sales. Our plan will guide your business down a road to success. You’ll start seeing results in the short-term, and you’ll prepare your brand for recreational legalization over the long-term. Only a select few cannabis businesses survive recreation, will yours be one of them?


Custom Expert Guidance

Solidify Your Future

Product Launch

Are you a new brand, or a brand that wants to launch a new product the right way? We’ll give you a plan that details the most effective way to launch, and we’ll execute it step-by-step. Your launch is a unique opportunity to create a base of raving fans that will stick by your side. We’ll help you capitalize.


Establish a Base

Maximize Your Launch


Our 1, 2, 3 branding system gives you a brand that’s built to last. Your brand is much more than a logo. We start with a name that sticks. Then, your brand gets a unique look that stands out amongst the competition. Finally, your brand is complete with a message that resonates with your consumers.


Speak To Your Consumers

Become Recognizable

Packaging Design

Get your product compliant with packaging that stands out in a dispensary. We’ll handle the entire process from design to working with the vendors who will bring the packaging to life. All you have to do is give us your ideas and watch as your vision comes to life.


Complete Compliance

Stand Out In Stores

Digital Marketing

Today’s cannabis patient is becoming more digital everyday. If you want to survive long-term and unlock a new section of your market, digital marketing is the solution for you. After a digital makeover, you’ll stand out on Google, and you’ll see a direct result in your foot traffic and sales.


Build For The Future

Reach New People

Social Media

Marketing cannabis on social media is a touchy subject. We’ve cracked the code to keep your page afloat, grow your following, and generate sales. Our approach makes quality content a priority, and engages users to create rapid organic growth.


Earn Social Currency

Create Engaged Consumers


An in-person interaction can create a connection like no other. Whether you want to attend a trade show, or you want a reliable patient appreciation day set-up, we’ve got you covered. Help your brand stand out by creating an immersive experience that captures attention in person, and generates buzz online.


Create Deeper Connections

Bring Your Business to Life

Trade Show Design, Life Events, and Brand Events


Your brand’s first impression can be the difference between a multi-transaction customer, and getting lost in the sea of cannabis businesses competing for attention. Create a look for your brand that is unmistakable. After a Hotbox Digital photoshoot, people will know who you are when they see you.


Showcase A Lifestyle

Amazing First Impression


In a restricted industry, you need to be creative with your ad-spend. That’s why we’ve taken the time to find creative ways to make your dollar go a long way. From online ads to billboards littered across the state, you’ll be ahead of the competition with your paid ads.


Cannabis Paid Advertising

Fast Results

Guerilla Marketing

When the classic strategies aren’t delivering, turn to creative marketing that stands out. These strategies are unique and personalized to your brand. And they are sure to grab attention. Guerilla marketing can be done both online and in person. Have your cannabis brand plastered all over your city for everyone to see.


Creative Marketing

Budget Conscious


Our experience ranges from traditional entertainment markets, to years of cannabis work. Whether you have questions to ask, or need someone to turn to on a consistent basis for advice, we’re here for you.


Fits Your Specific Needs

Consistent Expert Advice


We will help you get ahead by giving you an eye into the future. When the industry is fully matured, all companies will follow a regulatory framework. We will keep you safe today, and help you prepare for the transition.


Keep Your Business Legal

Prepare for Rec. Legalization

Start Your Brand's Next Chapter

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